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Welcome to Stampability - in 3D!

Stampability in 3D - how cool is that? The website is finished and published so that is 3D, right? Wait, a website is 2D because I can't come out of the screen to craft and create with you. So Stampability in 2D! I need sound to be in 2D? If so then Stampability is only in 1D and 1D is just a sad headline. Stampability in 1D...not exciting at all. I should have looked into this 3D thing before I decided on it as my headline. Sigh. But as I think about it, even Stampability in 1D really is huge! This website was a big undertaking and I am so proud to have it published. Let's be honest, I donated a lot of crafting hours to build it. Now that it's live I will use it to share with you along my crafting path. I'll share things I create, and sometimes the process too. The companies and products I like, people in the community I admire will also make appearances. I'll post news about the shop and when new products are added. And since I have a tendancy to overshare, you'll likely hear about my amazing and supportive husband, my four crazy dogs and a little bit about the boat. Oh yeah, I live on a boat and my studio is on said boat. If you are a crafter, I hope you'll enjoy reading about what I do and how I do it. If you don't include crafting as one of your hobbies but you like others to think you do, then pretty please visit the shop so you can bestow on those you love wonderful handmade things! I hope you'll poke around the site and please follow Stampability in any of the many ways possible these days - shortcuts to do so are on the home page. If there is anything you'd like to see here on Stampability or if you just really want to say hi, send me note via the form on the contact page. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading this far. I promise all my posts won't be this long. Oh yeah, this has been my view for a while...

#website #boat #husband #dogs #crafting